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works on paper, original art, Latino Chicano art, pastel on paper

JUAREZ TZOMPANTLI / Museum Installation

Juarez Tzompantli Is a metaphorical commentary on the murders of female factory workers in the border city of Juarez, Mexico. Tzompantli is the Nahuatl name for the wall where the Aztecs displayed the heads of young men sacrificed in the sacred ball game. In Juarez, young women have become the contemporary sacrificial victims of a corrupt and lawless modern society. ~ Judithe Hernández


Since the early 1990's the murders of female factory workers in Juarez has become epidemic. The number of victims could be as high 1500-2000. Since the murders began, the Mexican government has been led by six different presidents. In that time no significant investigations have yielded any serious prosecutions of the perpetrators. Until the deaths of these young women becomes a priority for the Mexican authorities by finding and punishing the criminals responsible, this series will continue. ~ Judithe Hernández